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Sustain – 1: to give support or relief to 2: to supply with sustenance: NOURISH

…In the natural world fallen leaves and plant debris lay where they fall. And until that leaf litter breaks down its a mulch that conserves soil moisture, deters soil erosion, protects plant roots from fluctuating air temperatures and suppresses weed growth. Thus, supporting the soil. …Leaf litter eventually breaks down. The break down material is organic matter or humus. Organic…

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Borage officinalis

Borage officinalis – Borage, Bee Bread, Common Bugloss and Starflower are a few of its common names. It’s a self-seeding annual herb that grows 2 feet tall and wide. Its mature foliage is covered in prickly hairs. The pretty, star-shaped flowers in blue, lavender and pink bloom from May to hard frost. Bees, butterflies and moths prize its flower nectar.…

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Vegetable Container growing

Growing Vegetables in Containers is suited when space is not available for a typical vegetable garden or mobility makes bending difficult or wanting to increase your growing area. All are solid reasons for gardening in pots. Large containers are the best as they hold more soil, which dries out slower and provides more growing choices. Use only soil sold for…

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