Why have a plan? – For a few good reasons. Working with a plan will give your landscape a pulled together look regardless if the changes take place over a weekend or a few years. A plan helps with budgeting as plants and hard landscaping materials can be expensive. The landscape installation steps or the sequence of how things should go together will be laid out. It is important to follow the steps as they will reduce costs and avoid unnecessary damage to plants. A plan will include plants that will be successful in your growing conditions. Without a plan, changes are made, possibly without consideration of the long term impact and or safety.

Customers are encouraged to view their landscape development as a long term project and not something to rush through. Your landscape like your home is an investment.

Landscape Consultations – we meet at your place for about 2 hours and walk through your site. At this time we discuss your ideas and wish list. Difficult areas are identified and discussed: what’s been tried to correct the problem and new ideas. Considerations like privacy, wind, drainage, four seasons of interest, micro-climates, soil, views, and the succession of bloom are covered. 

Landscape design – Using your real property report, any extra measurements we took, your wish list and notes from our meeting I will design your garden to scale. Down to earth plans are hand drawn on grid paper making them practical to use. Plants will be shown at the mature size so there is no overcrowding. Plants chosen will be hardy to our zone 3 and adaptable to your site conditions. The final drawing will show the landscape with the changes and additions we have talked about and a detailed plant list.

Included with the design is an information package. It will include: a landscape installation plan; planting and plant maintenance information; a formula for calculating soil and mulch; explanations why a specific plant or feature you wanted was not included and any other information that may be helpful. It may also include supplemental drawings for pergolas, or planters, and screens.

Plant consultations – we meet at your place and discuss the problem with your tree, grass, shrub, perennial, soil, etc. If the problem cannot be identified I will do more research and be in touch with the results. This will be followed up with a written summary of our consultation and or a recommendation that may include fertilizing, pruning, calling an arborist, etc.

Instruction/demonstration – we work together in your garden. Demonstration of proper pruning techniques for ornamental shrubs and small trees, or planting a seasonal pot.

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