Terms and Conditions

  1. Specific pricing is given when speaking with a customer for the first time and we agree that my services are suited to their needs.
  2. I will keep the original of each garden and or landscape design. If something happens to your copy we make arrangements for a copy to be sent to you.
  3. Payment in full, is due on the date services are completed.
  4. Accepted methods of payment are: cash, cheque and etransfer.
  5. Your personal information is kept in confidence and shared with no one else.
  6. Photographs taken in your garden of individual flowers or foliage and whole plants that would educate or share beauty will be discussed with you. With your permission they would be published on the website.
  7. Information gathered to complete a garden design will be shredded in 6 years, the exceptions are your name, telephone number and email.

Down To Earth Gardening and Consulting Services

March 29, 2021