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Borage officinalis

Borage officinalis – Borage, Bee Bread, Common Bugloss and Starflower are a few of its common names. It’s a self-seeding annual herb that grows 2 feet tall and wide. Its mature foliage is covered in prickly hairs. The pretty, star-shaped flowers in blue, lavender and pink bloom from May to hard frost. Bees, butterflies and moths prize its flower nectar.…

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Slugs in your garden

Natural predators of slugs in your garden Slugs are part of the mollusk family and therefore exude slime. They defoliate plants with their rasping mouthparts leaving Hosta and other favorite plants with shredded leaves or stripped of all leaves. Natural predators of slug’s include: moles, hedgehogs, frogs, salamanders, millipedes and carnivorous beetles and chickens. Our gardens naturally contain some of…

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