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Sustain – 1: to give support or relief to 2: to supply with sustenance: NOURISH

…In the natural world fallen leaves and plant debris lay where they fall. And until that leaf litter breaks down its a mulch that conserves soil moisture, deters soil erosion, protects plant roots from fluctuating air temperatures and suppresses weed growth. Thus, supporting the soil. …Leaf litter eventually breaks down. The break down material is organic matter or humus. Organic…

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Fertilizers Organic vs. Synthetic

Organic amendments add nutrients that are available to plants, and can include nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.  Organic matter builds soil by: improving aeration of the soil, improving drainage in clay soil and water holding capacity in sandy soil. The organic matter attracts all types of living organisms that also build the soil. In nature the leaf litter shed each fall,…

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