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Mineral and water deficiency and excess symptoms in plants

LIGHT DEFICIENCY – long, thin, light green growth and yellowing, long spaces between leaves. Cut plant back and move to a sunnier location. EXCESS LIGHT/HEAT – brown spots on leaves, browning of leaf tips/edges, some leaves are light brown and papery. Note – some plants will show brown spots if the leaves get wet. Move plant away from direct light.…

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Slugs in your garden

Natural predators of slugs in your garden Slugs are part of the mollusk family and therefore exude slime. They defoliate plants with their rasping mouthparts leaving Hosta and other favorite plants with shredded leaves or stripped of all leaves. Natural predators of slug’s include: moles, hedgehogs, frogs, salamanders, millipedes and carnivorous beetles and chickens. Our gardens naturally contain some of…

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Urban Forest Pests

Both native and introduced species contribute in the quest for healthy trees.  When a species is introduced there are no natural predators to keep it in check.  Therefore the pest’s numbers can increase dramatically and dominate the native species.  With these numbers it can decimate its target food group fast.  Vigilance is necessary in keeping on top of potential infestations.…

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