Organic Pest Control

Diatomaceous earth – made from fossilized remains of fresh and salt-water algae. The razor like remains make small cuts in the insect or grubs moving through the soil; this leads to dehydration in small insects . It is both non-toxic to humans and animals and not harmful to earthworms.

Pyrethrum – is one of the safest insecticides for use around humans, animals and plants. Make your own with fresh or dried flowers added to water or purchase. Works on aphids and other soft bodied insects.


Mix tea leaves with carrot and radish seeds to deter maggots.

Rotate your annual vegetables and herbs crops.

Insecticides can be made from the crushed leaves of aromatic plants such as garlic, lavender and thyme.

Pennies glued to a plant pot and copper line in the garden will deter slugs.