Category: perennials

Alluring Iris

Iris In Perfumery Iris germanica and Iris pallida are both used in quality perfumery and as a scent fixative in true Potpourri. Since the Egyptians the alluring scent has been part of perfumery and skin care. The Chinese scented rice with it. Indeed, Orris root, its official name, is derived from the iris rhizome and has been used for 1,000’s…

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Ornamental Grass

For drought tolerance and few pest problems, Ornamental grasses are a low maintenance, beautiful addition to your garden. Not only do they provide year around interest they require minimum care. This is a short list of what is available. Types to choose fromClump forming, the slow expansion of a well-behaved perennial. Suitable for mixed beds. Rampant spreaders. Unsuited for a mixed…

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Preparing your plants for winter

Temperature fluctuations increases the risk of sunscald. Damage will show up as splitting of the trunk. Trees in a south or west aspect are subjected to bright winter sun and are most susceptible. Evergreens dry out by moisture loss through their needles. As needles can both absorb and lose moisture spraying foliage is also helpful. Prevention: water everything well before…

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