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Feed the birds this winter

Suet cupcakes are great bird food Cook 2 cups of oatmeal in 41/2 cups of boiling water for 2 minutes Add 1 lb. Of lard or melted suet Add 12 ounces of peanut butter A handful of chopped figs or dates or currants and a chopped apple Mix thoroughly Remove from heat and stir in ¼ cup of cottage cheese…

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House Plant Care in Winter

In summer houseplants may be neglected. But when we finish the outside garden work for the season we turn to inside plant care and maintenance. Houseplants may be dusty, a shower is an effective and efficient way to wash leaves. A soil drench can be done at the same time. Allow plants to dry out for a few days prior…

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Preparing your plants for winter

Temperature fluctuations increases the risk of sunscald. Damage will show up as splitting of the trunk. Trees in a south or west aspect are subjected to bright winter sun and are most susceptible. Evergreens dry out by moisture loss through their needles. As needles can both absorb and lose moisture spraying foliage is also helpful. Prevention: water everything well before…

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