Customer Reviews

Hi Theresa,

Just wanted to send an email to say thank you so much for all the work that you put into the yard design for the kids.  They called me after your consultation with them at their new house and they were so excited and so very grateful to have your ideas and designs for their new place.  They spoke to me for over half an hour about your expertise and how excited they were to start on their new yard and landscaping project.   Both you and I realize that they have a long road ahead of them, as the ecosystem on their hill is going to be challenging and at times a bit discouraging, but with your excellent ideas it will all come together for them.  As we both know a beautiful yard is a work in progress and takes many years to complete and perfect.

Again thank you so very much for all the time and effort that you carefully put into the garden and yard design for my kids.  We all consider it very fortunate that we had the chance to meet you and were able to contract Down to Earth Garden Design for the yard on the hill!!

We will keep in touch and if you have time please give us a call and come out and see us.  Our lives do slow down a bit on the farm once the snow flies!!

Until Later,



We are truly enjoying the beautiful garden you have created for our family.

Enjoy the rest of your summer,



Hello Theresa,

I am happy that you were able to reply. I will call your referral  for a quote or actually to see if they would take on the work.

As for how/where I got your name –   I found it/you   on the internet. You are it seems a one in a million that actually responds. Funny that people advertise on the web and don’t respond. I very much appreciate your effort. I am the president of the condominium complex that I live in and the people that were to do the lawn and snow removal   simply quit on me with no notice. So I started the search online and you came up first.  Perhaps one day we may meet in person. Please don’t be disturbed by my repeating myself but I would like to again say     THANK YOU     for your time and effort, it is greatly appreciated. I wish you all the best in your endeavours.



Hi Theresa:

The party was great and the grounds looked lovely.  When everyone arrived we were able to have photos on the lawn by the rock garden.  So many friends loved our yard.  Thanks for all you hard work.

Thanks for all your hard work.  We appreciate it so much.