Stand out plants for Fall

Fall flowering perennials extend interest and appeal of your garden. Many are tall and can be left standing for winter interest. The seed heads will also provide food for birds. Cotoneaster, pictured above, is a shrub that has beautiful red, orange, peach and yellow leaves for fall. Barberry intensify in colour in fall. Lilac leaves may have a tinge of purple. Peonies may be red, purple, orange, peachy and or green.

Fall blooming Perennials

Autumn Joy sedum (center)

Black-eyed Susan’s

Blanket flower

Fall and New York aster

Morden Mum’s

Purple coneflower (in garden bed)

Russian sage

Silver Princess Shasta Daisy

Tall garden Phlox (white flowers)

The following list of plants bring yellow, orange and or red to your garden. These warm colours herald the closing of another growing season.

Perennials for fall colour and form


Bevans Scented Geranium

Cushion Spurge

Globe Thistle


Rockfoil Saxifraga

Spike Gayfeather

Russian sedum