Snow Mold

There are 4 types of snow mold diseases that can affect us in Alberta. They are: pink snow mold, gray snow mold, snow scald, and cottony snow mold.

The disease causing fungi all grow during cold, wet weather and grow in autumn, spring and below the snow in winter.

Patches of gray, white or pink mold appear on grass as the snow melts. The mold may look like spider webbing. Yellowing or browning of grass blades may occur and or circular to irregular patches of turf may die.


Decrease fertilizing and watering in August so that turf has a chance to harden off prior to winter. Rake fallen leaves and remove grass clippings. Aerate lawn to improve drainage.


Break up snow to speed melting.  When turf is dry in the spring use a stiff broom to break up mold patches

Over seed dead areas in the spring.